About us

In 2007, Equal Vision was established as an informal organisation. Equal Vision was the idea of it’s three directors, Emma, Paul and Simon. They each seen the need for an organisation that could help to provide activities for people across different areas of merseyside whom faced significant social barriers. As a result of growing interest in the activities that were provided and in the hope of leveraging further funds to the community, the three directors decided to register Equal Vision as a formal organisation.

Since 2007, Equal Vision has been involved in delivering and supporting a range of different recreational and policy-focused activities. This has involved a number of partnership projects with local and national partners. In 2009, we worked with London-based think-tank Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) to look at young people’s legal capabilities. For this project we supported IARS to recruit, coordinate and facilitate several focus group discussions with young people from inner-city areas of Liverpool. A full report that documents the findings of this project can be found on IARS website.

We carried out further policy and research activities in a project with Race on the Agenda (ROTA). ROTA is a race equality organisation who were delivering a project that looked at how restorative justice can be used to deal with cases of racial hate crime. Equal Vision ran a number of information sessions and focus groups with people from a diverse range of backgrounds from across different parts of Merseyside. During the project we engaged with Merseyside Police, Citizens Advice Bureau, Victim Support and North Liverpool Community Justice Centre to explore their thoughts on the research topic. Following the project, Equal Vision and project partners in Bradford and London met with the Metropolitan Police and Greater London Authority to discuss the project findings.