Substance Misuse

Thought Piece – Peer Support for Families affected by someone else’s Comorbidity


In February 2020, Equal Vision was funded by Health Education England to explore the role of peer support workers (PSW) to support families affected by another person’s comorbidity. For the purposes of the thought piece comorbidity referred to the co-occurrence of a substance misuse disorder and a mental health disorder in the same individual.

PSWs form a central part of the expansion of new roles to help the transformation of the mental health workforce. This thought piece sought to contribute to knowledge in this area by seeking to answer the following questions:

  • Can peer support be extended so families affected by someone else’s comorbidity provide support to other families in a similar position?
  • What are the key and requisite competencies of someone who should be able to support families who have been affected by someone else’s comorbidity?

We engaged over 60 of our members and other participants from the community in this piece of work. To read the report findings and recommendations you can download the report HERE.

Our drugs awareness project was delivered during 2018 to an intergenerational audience. The project proved to be a huge success, involving emotional challenges and community group support. 
To project provided participants with a comprehensive insight into the psychology of substance use within the UK over the past 25 years. (critical reflections, attitudes, worldviews & beliefs). It also covered the following objectives:

  • To examine the impact of substance misuse within identified community and groups. (BAME, LGB, WWC and working professionals)
  • To critically explore treatment methodologies, practices and preventative measures. (Therapeutic Communities, Talking Therapies, Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Prisons, Training Centre’s and Rehabs)
  • How to effectively engage with substance users, abusers their families and statutory services. (the marginalised, the ostracised, value added support, public policies, financial expenditures or financial investments)







We are in the process of seeking further funds to expand this project across different locations and so that a larger group of people.