Young Person’s Community Research and Activism Project

In 2016-2017 we delivered our first funded project. Phase One of the project offered young people two days of community activism training to highlight their key interests and concerns. This session facilitated discussion to gain a better understanding of issues young people express across different areas, showing the importance of the criminal justice system (policing), health (mental health) and education (schooling).
Phase two of the project built upon this by delivering five days of training focused on research design, methods and ethics. This allowed young people to carry out their own research into an area of interest to them, that was identified in phase One. After the data was collected a further two days of training was provided showing the young people how to carry out data analysis and how to present research findings.
The final phase of the project participants received three half days of training about how they can actively use the research findings. This involved identifying key stakeholders and local authority decision-makers were they can actively represent the issues they documented.